Friday Game Rosters

New rosters posted Thursdays, check-in closes on Wednesdays

Check-in page HERE

Game 1 - 9:30AM

PlayerTeamGame Date
Kim BNEWHL12/6/2019
Sarah KNEWHL12/6/2019
Wendy SNEWHL12/6/2019
Moe GNEWHL12/6/2019
Amy MNEWHL12/6/2019
Nancy BNEWHL12/6/2019
Kerry CNEWHL12/6/2019
Syd FNEWHL12/6/2019
Jen GNEWHL12/6/2019
Elizabeth KNEWHL12/6/2019

Game 2 - 10:40AM

PlayerSubGame Date
Meg S12/6/2019
Ruth A12/6/2019
Debi D12/6/2019
Lori V12/6/2019
Dena C12/6/2019
Vicky R12/6/2019
Emily E12/6/2019
Barbara R12/6/2019
Jen M12/6/2019
Norma S12/6/2019
Syd RSub12/6/2019
Nancy BSub12/6/2019
Sarah KSub12/6/2019
Wendy SSub12/6/2019
Moe GSub12/6/2019
Kim BSub12/6/2019
Kerry CSub12/6/2019
Amy MSub12/6/2019

SUBS: If you are down for a double game please bring $10 in an envelope with your name and date written on it. This will help Brian out tremendously when giving it to Kerri. Thank for your help on this! If you don’t want to sub in the second game, please let Brian know via email ASAP.