Friday Games Check-In

Please respond for BOTH games.
Responding "yes" to both does not guarantee a roster spot in both games.

Once you submit your response, if you need to change it, just re-submit the form.
Thank you!

Check-In Responses

We will consider your most recent response to be correct.

RowNameGame 1Game 2Timestamp
1Rey SNoNoOct 18 2019 06:14:47pm
2Rey SNoNoOct 18 2019 06:15:42pm
3Rey SNoNoOct 18 2019 06:17:04pm
4Rey SNoNoOct 18 2019 06:17:32pm
5Rey SNoNoOct 18 2019 06:17:57pm
6Sheila CNoYesOct 20 2019 11:41:08am
7Sarah KYesYesOct 21 2019 10:13:22am
8Ruth ANoYesOct 21 2019 11:21:13am
9Sue BYesYesOct 21 2019 01:51:19pm
10Candace BoczarYesNoOct 21 2019 09:28:42pm
11Nancy BNoNoOct 22 2019 12:20:01am

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